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Esther Bakewell

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Bakewell, Esther I Miss Bakewell I, author of The Book of One Syllable, 1842; Glenwood Manor-House. A Novel, 1857. 

      "My First Place" [IV, 376-82. Jan. 10, 1852] is the story of a young girl and of her experiences as servant in an upper-class household where dishonest servants attempt to make her appear guilty of falsehood and theft. The story seems a forestudy to Glenwood Manor-House, in which much of the plot concerns the machinations of a housekeeper, likewise in an upper-class household, to make the mistress's young companion appear a thief. Both the story and the novel end with the exculpation of the innocent and the exposure and punishment of the evil-doers. 
      Harper's reprinted "My First Place," without acknowledgment to H.W.

Author: Anne Lohrli; © University of Toronto Press, 1971. 

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